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After a long day, a vigorous workout, and a hot shower, what else could be better than a bit of chocolate before bed? The benefits of CBD chocolate are plentiful. At Total Nutrition Mockingbird, not only will you find support for your health and wellness goals, you’ll find some amazing CBD products to help you along the way! Containing only CBD oil from the Zen Hemp Oil company, the chocolate will help you feel better without impacting your progress.

The Zen Hemp Oil company uses its own organically grown flowers so that the product has a high concentration of cannabinoids. The company also does not use harmful solvents to extract the oils, so the product you get is natural and highly effective.

What is CBD Chocolate?

CBD is derived from hemp plants, and chocolate comes from cacao. Mixing the two requires some basic knowledge of recipes that work best, but the possibilities are endless.

CBD chocolate is simply chocolate that is made by adding CBD oil for medical benefits. The chocolate is made by melting down chocolate and mixing in fat and CBD oil.

CBD chocolate needs the right balance of CBD oil and chocolate, among other ingredients like flavors and sweeteners. Because chocolate can be naturally bitter, you can choose to purchase chocolate that has added flavors or contains flavored CBD oils.

Serving sizes are pretty simple; simply break off a piece just like a regular chocolate bar! You can also use CBD chocolate in baking, so if you’re an iron chef, you’re in for a really sweet treat. What could be better than whipping up a delicious chocolate dessert with the added benefits of CBD oil?

Why Buy CBD Chocolate From Us?

We only use the highest-quality CBD oil from the Zen Hemp Oil company. You can be sure that what you get is what you need. Choosing the highest quality CBD chocolate is important for making sure that it is effective.

We’re a family-oriented business, and we’re going to provide you the best product, just like we would for our families. There’s no better way to treat your family than with a chocolate bar that also does good for their health!

We make sure you understand what you’re getting, how to properly use it, and tips and tricks for getting the most out of your chocolate. We make it our goal to provide the best customer experience possible!

If you can’t get to us in the store, you can reach us online! We make it a priority to be available to answer any questions that may come to you as soon as possible.

Got goals? Talk to us about them! We specialize in helping people just like you reach their health goals through fitness, health, and nutrition. We can customize plans for you specifically.

What are Some of the Benefits of CBD Chocolate?

Both CBD and chocolate have their benefits. CBD can treat an array of medical issues, while chocolate can be beneficial for other types of problems. While CBD chocolate can be highly beneficial, you’ll still need to keep in mind that moderation is key–too much chocolate can be more harmful than helpful.

The goal is to get the proper dosage of CBD in your serving of chocolate without consuming too much actual chocolate. The serving that you need can be based on your body weight, desired effects, and medical needs. A physician can help you determine what you need, especially if you need more complex help.

You’ll want to figure out exactly what your desired outcome from using the CBD chocolate is and how it currently affects you so that you may decide what the best consumption schedule is for yourself. Knowing how your body reacts to CBD chocolate is highly beneficial for proper use.

The Benefits of CBD

The benefits of CBD are many! You can use CBD oil to treat mental illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, and more aggressive illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy. CBD absorbs into your bloodstream very quickly, so it can produce effective relief of symptoms.

CBD oil is known for helping some consumers focus, and helping others sleep. Each person will experience the effects of CBD differently, and every consumer should consult with a medical professional before adding CBD to their regimen to be sure that it won’t interfere with any medications.

CBD is generally very safe and has little to no side effects. You won’t experience any psychoactive changes, but you’ll benefit from usage. Use it to calm anxiety, relieve chronic pain, and even battle seizures. You may get an energy boost, or you might sleep better. Knowing why you’re using CBD is the first step in finding the method that works best for you.

The Benefits of Chocolate

Chocolate can be a tasty morsel at any time of day, but it also boasts some great medicinal purposes. When consumed in its healthiest form–with a 70% or higher concentration of cacao–and in moderation, chocolate can be a great anti-inflammatory, fight heart disease, cut down the risk of diabetes, and more.

Chocolate can be a guilty pleasure for many, but there’s nothing to feel guilty about when eating this kind of chocolate. Being able to carry your needed dose of CBD with you in the form of a chocolate bar is awesome, too! Walking down the street, having a picnic in a park, or shopping in a mall, you’ll be able to eat your CBD chocolate whenever you need it the most.

Combining CBD with chocolate can enhance the benefits of substances. Ingredients of both work together to enhance the effects of the other, such as boosting the anti-inflammatory effects that both have.

Whether you need CBD chocolate to help you maintain mood-boosting chemicals, a healthy treat, or to help move you closer to your health goals, you’ll surely benefit from our CBD chocolate made only with CBD oil from the Zen Hemp Oil company.

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