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CBD is not just for humans anymore! Dogs, cats, and pets of all ages can benefit from the Hemp plant’s unique muscle healing capabilities, and Total Nutrition Mockingbird is ready to pair thoughtful pet owners’ insights up with proven healing methods for their pets.

The things that make CBD great for human beings translate across the spectrum of animals we can pair ourselves with. Many aging pets can feel their weathered bones as they go about, and find it difficult to strut their stuff like they used to.

CBD Pet Tinctures can put that pain in the rear view, and let Fido run wild like the good old days. The market is full of different potencies and flavors to best suit your needs, so Total Nutrition is here to break down the options.

What Are CBD Pet Tinctures?

CBD Pet tinctures work the same cannabinoid oil manifests itself when consumed by humans. The same all-natural, non-psychoactive hemp extracts are taken and converted to an easily applicable form.

These tinctures come in droplet forms, so you can mix some in with your daily feeding, feed some directly, or apply the tincture to the areas your pet needs it the most.

The oils slowly seep in, either digested into the bloodstream or dissolved through the fur and skin of troubled areas. After this comes sweet, sweet relief without side effects. Some tinctures even come in Peanut butter flavors, so feeding your pets their medicine takes care of itself.

Different mixtures and flavors are depending on which type of pet you have to feed ensure that whatever unique needs you may have are met.

The best technique involves starting slowly and feeding your pet small amounts of the product to see how it takes effect. You can gradually increase or decrease depending on how your pet responds. No matter what their specific needs are, CBD pet tinctures can be a great way to give your pet some relief.

Why Buy CBD Pet Tinctures from us?

Total Nutrition Mockingbird treats its customers as family, even those of the four-legged variety. CBD pet tinctures aren’t subject to the same amount of regulation as their human counterparts, so you must have your needs met from a reputable source.

Total Nutrition is fully focused on the customer and won’t let decreased regulations affect the choices made when determining product quality.

All CBD pet tincture products come from the same Zen Hemp Oil blend that all other Total Nutrition Mockingbird’s CBD products use, showing our commitment to our furry friends. Your pets deserve the best.

Total Nutrition’s’ unique position of offering free samples on all in-store items also helps you ensure you’re heading home with a flavor favoured by your pet. Our customer service team is passionate about all shapes and sizes of clientele, and are ready to find the perfect product for you.

What are some benefits of CBD Pet Tinctures?

CBD Pet Tinctures can help reverse some of the adverse effects aging may have on your pet. Stopping just short of being able to teach an old dog new tricks, this tincture blend can relax your pets’ tired joints and allow them to ease into their age.

These treats can also be used to treat anxiety and other mental ailments inflicted on your pets, whatever those needs may be. The amount of CBD in each tincture is set to scale for different animals, so you can have the peace of mind of knowing that the CBD pet tinctures will be safe for your specific pet.

Animal Relaxation

CBD Pet tinctures can help physically and mentally relax your pet. Dogs and humans are more alike than we think, especially our physiology. CBD can help your dogs’ bones reduce inflammation, and even allow your dog a night of peaceful sleep.

Many aging animals suffer from arthritis and other joint problems. While not a cure for these unfortunate diseases, CBD can help manage the pain your pup is feeling while you explore options.

Reduce Anxiety

CBD pet tinctures can help your pet manage stress and relax as part of their wellness routine. Thunderstorms, crate training, and vacuum cleaners can send even the best pet wild, and CBD can help them manage their darkest hour.

Not many pets love heading to the vet, but it’s a necessary evil, especially when your pet is feeling down. CBD pet tinctures can both alleviate the short term pain felt and ease the tension your animal is feeling on the way to the vet.

Travelling a long distance in a car or on a plane with your pet brings with it plenty of stress. There’s nothing you and your pet can do but get through it, and CBD pet tinctures may be the key to a relaxing voyage.

Increase muscle movement

Animals, especially older ones, simply can’t get around like they used to. It’s no different than our human companions.

While the impacts of age can’t possibly be reversed, CBD oils can help combat the aging process, especially when it comes to joint and muscle mobility. Your pet can enjoy longer walks or more time exercising again!

The Total Nutrition Mockingbird team wants to give all of Dallas a CBD pet tincture that fits their needs and allows our cherished pets the opportunity to feel free again.

With an option for animals of all shapes and sizes, Total Nutrition has a potent supplement that will suit your specific needs. CBD pet tinctures can help regain some pep in your pet’s step.

You can think of CBD pet tinctures the same way you think of any CBD product made for humans. The benefits are multiple while the side effects are non-existent. The non-habit forming, non-psychoactive alternative to plant medicine, CBD pet tinctures can do nothing but help your pet feel like itself.

Next time you plan on taking your animal out for a walk, try and stop by and see what sort of CBD pet tinctures Total Nutrition Mockingbird has for you.

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