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Wide Selection of cbd Soap

CBD soaps are made to do a little bit of everything without being too much of anything. One of the milder CBD treatment options, the application is as simple as cleaning yourself.

If you want a touch of full-body CBD cleaning simply lather your whole body down, or if you’re looking to focus on one particular area a quick rub will do the trick. CBD soaps can be combined with regular soap bars to boost their anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits, or used with facial cleansing bars to lower acne and activate your radiant skin.

Less potent than other CBD methods, our CBD soap bars carry around 75 mg of CBD per bar and offer the most variety in application of any CBD soaps. The Total Nutrition team has everything you need to break down and ultimately choose which lather is right for your needs.

What Are CBD Soaps?

CBD soaps take washing a step further, providing an extra layer of cleaning inside the skin. The cannabinoid oils from a hemp plant are activated as the soap is rubbed on different parts of the body, just like you would a normal soap.

The difference is these oils slowly seep through the skin and combat troubled areas of the body, leaving you feeling cleaner inside and out. These soaps are a blend of different CBD products style, being a popular contributor to a variety of different cures.

In addition to the unique healing properties of CBD, these soaps come with the usual mix of essential fatty acids, leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated and rehydrated. They’re great for focusing on particular problem joints or for a whole body rub down!

Why Buy CBD Soap from us?

Total Nutrition Mockingbird wants to provide services for all of Dallas CBD needs. The team is knowledgeable on the benefits of each CBD product and is ready to share their inside information with you!

CBD soaps may come in a variety of different packages, but the quality is never the same. Total Nutrition Mockingbird has partnered up exclusively with Zen Hemp Oil, which means each bar of our CBD soap comes with 100% organic hemp whose origins can be traced back to real farms.

This kind of quality is the subtle difference between a good scrub and one that will nourish you inside and out and leave you feeling cleaner from the inside out.

Total Nutrition is fully focused on customer service. This family-owned business will help guide you through the different CBD soap options out there so you can feel sure you’ve found the soap that’s right for you.

What are some benefits of CBD Bath Bombs?

CBD Soap is a great entrance step into the universe of different CBD products. It is one of the less potent CBD options, and its topical method of application allows you complete control over how much, or how little, of the product, you would like to use at once.

It’s a great choice for individual muscle pain, or for any issues you’re having that feel more physical than mental. CBD Soap is what you make of it!


CBD Soaps can be used to heal up the entire body, to help deal with specific traumas, or as a relaxing face wash to end the day. This unique blend of uses sets CBD Soaps apart from other options.

It has even been known to help treat acne when combined with the right blend of topical cleansing tools. It can be used as part of your normal face washing routine, with just a touch of deep muscle relaxation added for good measure.
PinPoint your needs

CBD soap allows you to control the show. If you only need help with one aching shoulder, there’s no need to go for edibles, which apply healing properties equally spread throughout the body, or a tincture which doesn’t quite spread far enough.

CBD soap can be rubbed exactly where it’s needed, no more and no less. It’s unique in the power it yields its owner, your bar of CBD soap does exactly what you need it to do.

Nothing too crazy

If you’re looking for immediate pain relief but want to ensure there’s no effect on your mental capacity, this CBD soap is your perfect match. Other CBD products all come without psychoactive effects of course but do still target the mind along with the whole body in their healing efforts.

This choice has one of the lightest amounts of CBD on the list, and your pinpointing capabilities mean you oversee exactly how much CBD your skin is taking in. You can use it in the morning before work, or at night before heading to bed with peace of mind.

The team at Total Nutrition Mockingbird can talk you through every aspect of the CBD soap experience. This cannabinoid receptacle will take you only as far as you are looking to go.

It works almost like a combination of an ingestible CBD product, a creamy CBD product, and a bath bomb. This gives the owner more possibilities and the knowledge that CBD soaps are capable of providing the services you need it to.

Stiff joints and tired muscles can be annoying long-lasting ailments that no one wants to deal with. Total Nutrition staff is ready to walk you through the individual details, as well as show you around the plethora of different styles of soap available for Dallas’ CBD needs.

CBD soaps can be combined with regular soap bars to boost their anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits, or used with facial cleansing bars to lower acne and activate your radiant skin.

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