The Shelf Life of CBD Oil: How Long Does it Last?

cbd oil 4It seems like CBD can be found in just about any type of product these days. Whether it be lip balm, body lotion, a vaporizer, or a liquid tincture — I think the majority of us can locate some type of CBD containing product within our homes. Maybe you like to test our different types of products, so now you’ve got multiple bottles of CBD oil laying around your house. After stumbling upon a forgotten CBD product from many months past, you might be asking yourself, does CBD have a shelf life?

The Easy Answer

The easy answer is yes, CBD does in fact have a shelf life. However, the shelf life of CBD can range anywhere from 14 months to two years, depending on a number of factors such as the product itself and how it is stored. It is important to consider how long your CBD oil will last you, given that a high quality bottle of it isn’t cheap and you probably want to make it last as long as possible.

What is CBD Oil?

First of all, let’s quickly review what exactly CBD oil is for any readers who don’t already know. CBD is one of the active ingredients in marijuana and is extracted using a variety of different processes. CBD oil is widely used for all types of different issues and has shown great success for a lot of people. Here are some of the reasons why people use CBD oil:

  • Help with anxiety and depression
  • Pain relief
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Preventing seizures

There are so many uses and benefits of CBD oil, it can help just about anyone.

The Best Way to Store CBD Oil

CBD is best stored in a cool, dry and dark place. Most CBD oil is packaged in dark or tinted glass bottles to protect the oil from sunlight. The best temperature for CBD storage is room temperature, or 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit (but this obviously can vary depending on your area’s climate).

Refrigeration of CBD isn’t necessary, just make sure to keep your CBD oil away from warm parts of your home like the oven or radiator. Also, try to avoid keeping your CBD oil stashed in a purse or pocket for extended periods of time as this can cause excess heat. Drawers and cabinets are some of the best places to store CBD oil as they protect against additional sunlight.

How to Know if CBD Oil Has Gone Bad

Although CBD oil won’t necessarily turn rancid, it will lose its potency overtime. CBD oil also has the potential to have a different taste and appearance if held onto for too long. If your CBD oil becomes cloudy or changes color, it is most likely past its shelf life.

It is unlikely that old CBD will make a person sick, but if you value the therapeutic effects of this powerful liquid, you’ll probably be losing out as the potency declines. So, it is definitely important to remain aware of the age of your CBD oil in order to benefit fully from it.

Check the Packaging

Most CBD oil products should have an expiration date on the container, making determination of the shelf life a lot more straightforward. So check your packaging to see if this information is available to you. Being aware of the expiration date can help you make your CBD oil last, while also being sure to use it up before it’s past its prime.

How to Make CBD Oil Last Longer

There are a number of steps you can take to extend your CBD oil’s shelf life as long as possible. Being sure to store your CBD oil in a cool dry place is one of the most important steps. Keep your CBD oil away from excessive moisture, such as a room where a humidifier is used. Also, make sure to seal the container of your CBD oil tightly when it isn’t in use.

Keep your CBD oil in its original packaging, as this is usually designed as an ideal environment for the CBD. It is also beneficial to store CBD oil bottles upright rather than horizontally. Lastly, if you’re using a separate dropper or spoon to collect your CBD out of the container, be sure to wash and dry the utensil in between uses and don’t double dip, as this could introduce bacteria into the container.

How to Know How Much CBD Oil to Buy at a Time

The amount of CBD oil a person should buy obviously depends on how much they are taking daily. Since CBD oil is most beneficial when used daily, you will want to stock up but also not buy more than you’ll go through in a year or two.

If you’re just starting to use CBD oil and you don’t know the best dose for yourself, start slow. Just buy one bottle to start out and feel out what type of dose works for you. Once you get in a rhythm with it, it will be easier to gauge how much to buy at a time. Ultimately, you will get the most for your money when you buy larger amounts at a time.

Product Qualities that Extend Shelf Life

I think we all know that you can buy CBD oil from just about anywhere these days. It is important to pay attention to the products you’re buying and look for certain qualities, in order to have CBD oil that will last as long as possible.

As mentioned above, it is ideal to buy CBD oil that is packaged in dark colored glass containers, this protects it from the sunlight. Also, look for products that are described as being pure CBD oil, this will last longer because the oil won’t have other additives in there that may cause it to expire sooner.

The extraction method used to produce the CBD oil is another factor to take into consideration. CBD oil can be produced using a number of different extraction processes including: CO2 extraction, steam extraction, and solvent extraction.

CO2 extraction is believed to produce the highest potency CBD oil. CO2 extraction allows the compounds to remain stable, which helps to extend the shelf life. So look for brands that use this extraction process to ensure high quality and a long shelf life.

Be Sure to Choose a Reputable CBD Oil Brand

Making sure to notice what you’re buying and looking for a reputable source is important. CBD oil that is labeled as being a “full spectrum” extract is an indication that it is high quality CBD. Overall, looking for brand transparency is a good way to ensure that your CBD is of high quality. Higher quality CBD oil will likely last longer and be more potent.

Consider the Shelf Life of Carrier Oils

CBD oil is mixed with a carrier oil to dilute and increase the oil’s volume. Typical carrier oils used with CBD oil are MCT oil, hemp seed oil and olive oil. To help determine the shelf life of your CBD oil, you can take into consideration the shelf life of the carrier oil it is mixed with.

MCT oil: the shelf life of MCT oil is about two years, so this shouldn’t cause your CBD oil to expire any sooner than expected.

Olive oil: the shelf life of olive oil is up to 20 months. So if you plan to make your CBD oil last for up to two years, make sure it doesn’t have olive oil in it. If it does, you may have to use it up sooner than planned.

Hemp seed oil: hemp seed oil has the shortest shelf life on the list, it can go bad in as little as 6 months.

Final Thoughts

So yes, your CBD oil does have a shelf life, but if you’re a regular user you’ll likely use it up before it hits that point. If you’re trying to make your oil last as long as humanly possible, you can take a couple of steps to ensure an extended shelf life.

Pay attention to the quality of your products and the extraction process your CBD oil brand is using. Make sure you’re storing your CBD properly and take steps to ensure that you aren’t introducing any bacteria into the containers by mistake. Be sure to tightly close up the containers in between use and keep your CBD products out of the sun as well.

Overall, quality = longevity. If you buy high quality CBD products, they are likely to last longer. Also, higher potency products won’t require you to use as much so you’ll get more for your money. Strive to find “full spectrum” CBD oil, as this is another indicator of quality.

Looking into what type of carrier oil is used in your CBD is another way to assess the shelf life since some carrier oils last longer than others. When in doubt, just check the expiration date!