When is the Best Time of Day to Take CBD Oil?

cbd oil 2If you want to use CBD oil, you need to know more about it, first. CBD oil is best used in what is called the tincture form. This type of CBD oil is used under your tongue and gets into your blood much faster than other forms. Using this form can allow you to feel the effects of it within 30 minutes of consuming it.

CBD oil has lots of medical benefits, from treating mental illness to boosting health in general. Depending on what you choose or need to use it for can help you determine when you’ll need to use it. Some users find that it works best for them early in the morning, while others notice that it helps them more at night. How do you decide when to take your CBD oil?

Why are you taking CBD oil?

Deciding the best time to use your CBD oil highly depends on why you’re taking it in the first place. Do you suffer from chronic anxiety? Maybe you have a serious medical problem like epilepsy. CBD is effective for those and many other needs in between.

Some days you may need more oil than other days, especially when you’re just beginning to use it. Perhaps one day is much harder than most, and you need a little extra help to cope with it. Maybe you’ve slept well all week, but struggled to fall asleep for a couple of nights, so you use your oil to help with insomnia.

Maybe you have some days where you wake up with boatloads of energy, only to find that your mind just isn’t in it today, or you wake up feeling sluggish and your coffee just isn’t cutting it. The right CBD oil can help you straighten yourself out to crush the day ahead of you.

How much CBD oil do you need?

The short answer: the amount of CBD oil you need will depend on what you use it for. Your specific body needs will dictate the dosage that you need to use for it to be effective. You might need a lower dosage multiple times per day, or a higher dosage fewer times per day. Knowing what you need to use can be determined with help from a medical professional.

Some users find that they get an energizing effect that lasts all day, while others may need an extra dose in the afternoon to keep the energy flowing. Other users might notice that it makes them feel sleepier, so they’ll take their oil at night just before bed. Different types of CBD oil affect each consumer differently.

You can also judge what you need to use by starting with the lowest amount and working your way up until you notice relief from your symptoms. Using this method can help you adjust your dosage, but also help decide when you need to take it for maximum relief. The ultimate goal is figuring out what works best for your needs.

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What happens if you take CBD oil in the morning?

Using CBD first thing in the morning can be very helpful if you wake up feeling foggy, stressed, or just need a general boost. Some people need coffee to wake up each morning, and some people may need CBD to get their day started. CBD usage in the morning can help set your tone for the whole day.

You might find that it helps you focus on your daily tasks better, handle stress in your mind and your muscles, and even help boost workouts if you choose to do that early in the morning. If you feel that you need the jumpstart to your day, taking your CBD oil early may be the best option for you.

What if you take your CBD at night?

If using your CBD oil in the morning just doesn’t seem to work for you, there is good news. You can also take your oil at night with great benefits, too. If you had a particularly stressful day, didn’t sleep well the night before, or just need to slow down a bit, taking your CBD oil at night may be the best option for you.

Nighttime usage can help you relax, which leads to better sleep that contributes to you feeling better overall. If you are the type of person who has trouble falling asleep because your brain just doesn’t slow down, taking your CBD oil at night can help. Figuring out what kind of oil works best for you and your symptoms are key.

Why does it matter what time you take CBD oil?

Each user experiences different effects of using CBD oil. One user may feel energetic after their dose of the oil, while another may feel relaxed. Each person’s body chemistry will decide how it affects them. There is no uniform effect while using CBD oil.

The biggest thing to consider when trying to decide when you need to use your oil is the effect it has on you. If you need your dose to last all day, then you may find that taking it in the morning is best. If you need to use it more than once daily, you might want to split your dosage. If it helps more at night, then you’ll want to use your full dose then.

When you run trial and error with your dose, you might find that a higher dose at either time of day helps you the most. Splitting your dosage over a couple of different times per day to keep a steady flow in your system may work best for you.

How do you decide what dosage schedule works best?

When starting to use CBD oil, not only do you need to know what you’re using it for, you need to figure out how to use it to get the best benefits from it. The different kinds of CBD oil can be useful for different types of treatment needs. Some research and help from experienced users can help.

For users who have medical conditions like epilepsy, a CBD oil that calms can help alleviate the spasms that come with the seizures, as well as helping stop the seizure itself. A user who needs CBD oil to battle disorders like ADHD might also benefit from oil with a calming effect. However, users who need the opposite effect won’t benefit as much from the calm.

Some CBD oil users need their oil to help them jump into their day, like a morning routine of coffee and exercise. Not everyone benefits from coffee because sensitive people might feel jittery from the high caffeine content, or they may not be able to do a workout early in the morning.

Using CBD oil that gives you energy without the struggle of trying to cram a workout into your morning routine might be the easiest route for you. Working out takes time that you might not have, but using a little CBD oil is fast, easy, and can give you the energy that you need.

It is always recommended that you start with the lowest dosage, usually about 1mg, and see how that affects you. If it doesn’t give you the effect you’re looking for, you can increase your dosage a little at a time until it does. If you notice that one dosage helps, but doesn’t last long enough, you can split it, such as .5mg in the morning and .5mg at night.

CBD oils vary a little depending on where they come from, so one oil may take a higher dosage to work for you, while another may require less. You’ll need to find the type of oil that works best for you while also figuring out your necessary dosage.

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When is the best time for you to take CBD oil?

Simply put, there is no specific schedule that works for everyone. Your schedule is going to depend on why you need to use CBD oil, how much you need to use, and how many times per day you require for it to be most effective. If you’re not sure about your schedule, you’ll need to talk with someone who has some experience or do trial and error runs to figure it out.

Being able to incorporate CBD oil into your life, whether through daily use or occasional use, can benefit you in plenty of unseen ways. From handling high anxiety one day to waking up feeling rested, the medical benefits of CBD oil are endless. There’s almost nothing that CBD oil can’t help you with.

To decide when is the best time to take your CBD oil is ultimately up to you. You need to figure out your personal needs when it comes to using your CBD oil, especially what kind of oil you need to help with the issues that you need it to help with. It will take some time to determine what works best for you, but once you do, you’ll feel great–just like you should.